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Qué es el «movement screening» (artículo en ingles)

[as published on THE ADVISOR newspaper. North Haven, CT by Claudia Herrera MSPT on Sports Therapy…]

Based on the work of noted Physical Therapist Gray Cook, this screening process was developed to assess the fundamental movements of daily living.

The screening process itself involves assessing and individual’s ability to move and its relationship to the mechanics of specific sports (a golf swing, a tennis serve, a soccer dribble, etc.)

Evaluating and individual’s ability to perform certain movement patterns which require both mobility and stability without restrictions is the foundation of the screening process.

Once a “weak link” is identified in either strength or mobility (range of motion) a corrective exercise program can be stabilized. Prevention of sport’s related injuries can be minimized and improvement from previous injury addressed.

Prevention of the most frequent injuries can be minimized when a corrective program is established for and individual. Mobility, Range of Motion and Flexibility are all important aspects of the screening process and determining what is best for an individual and his game improvement is the beginning of greater enjoyment in your sport.

Strength, Stability and Control of movement without compensation is the second most important aspect of improvement in your athletic skills.

Any weakness in a muscle’s ability to stabilize your body movements and decreases in mobility will result in compensations and can result in poor quality of performance.

Mike Dufresne is actively involved in Golf and Football (PT. for the JETS), Claudia Herrera is also involved in Tennis, Triathlon and Soccer (NHSC Coach). “We both love our profession and sports and you have to understand the athlete from the weekend warrior to the professional or elite ones”.

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